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Saturn mars mutual aspect astrology

Last Updated on September 15, While reading a Horoscope the very first thing we look is how planets are related to each other. Any Rajyoga simple or special rajyoga and Dhanyoga can only happen when planets are involved with each other and there are few ways planets makes relation with each other.

Conjunction can be btw many planets but more than three or four planets making conjunction is kind of rare. The conjunction of two planets is the most common kind of conjunction in horoscopes. You can see in example horoscope no. The mutual aspect between planets is also a common occurrence and can happen in the following manners. Check example horoscope no. Check example no 3.

Here Mars is in 6th house and Saturn is in 9 th house. Mars is aspecting Saturn via his 4 th aspect and Saturn is aspecting Mars via its 10 th aspect. This makes mutual aspect relation with them and is ignored by most beginners of astrology. Planets in Kendra, which means planets in conjunction, 4 th house, 7 th house and 10 th house from each other will be related to each other and it is an advanced version of conjunction and mutual aspect. This also is ignored by beginners of astrology and its importance can be understood from Gajakesari Yoga, where the vital conditions for it are Kendra relation between Moon and Jupiter.

This explains why planets in the Kendra house are related to each other. Check example horoscope NO. This Kendra relationship serves very well with the natural signification of planets like Moon-Venus in 1 — 10 from each other and will give benefits or career in the art field. Same way Mars in ascendant and Saturn in 10 th is good for property. I have Mars in ascendant and Saturn in 10 th house and I inherited a good amount of lands from my father.

Though not much popular in Parashar astrology but frequently used in Nadi astrology. Here, planets should be in trine with each other.

Here, trine means 5 th or 9 th from each other. In example horoscope no. Which makes Mars and Moon trine to each other.

saturn mars mutual aspect astrology

This is the strongest relationship two planets can have. This is quite easy to detect but requires skills to makes interpretation of them. It is formed when two planets are in each other signs.

Suppose Venus is in Virgo and Mercury is in Libra here, they are in each other sign and exchange relation will be established.An individual with Mars conjunct, square or opposite Saturn usually faces an enormous amount of hard-work, frustration, and limitation.

It is certainly not a marker of being unsuccessful, and in fact the feeling of inadequacy drives the person to overcome any obstacles and achieve what they want. However, many of these people will let you know that it was not without struggle as they list the many hurdles they have had to cross to reach their desires. The person with Mars in aspect to Saturn is blessed with stamina, determination and staying power.

They understand about long-hours and painstaking work just to get something done, and do not waste their time and energy. There is a stop-go kind of energy to this aspect so that when Mars wants to take action Saturn stands in the way frowning and literally will not budge from his position. In the end, Mars rages at such a predicament and loses all control.

The emotions are often controlled, and repressed anger and sexuality cause problems. The individual may come off as being embarrassed or paralysed in the area of sex or general confidence. A person with this aspect can be weighted down by some kind of burden, commitment, and responsibility that they cannot run away from. It may feel physically crushing at times, but Mars is required to develop endurance and have its courage, daring and effectiveness in the world tested.

Women with this contact can face the same brutality through a male partner and either sex are challenged aggressively by those in authority. Furthermore, they feel like they are being dominated, controlled, and even bulled.

how to see psychic intuition in Vedic Astrology

Sometimes the individual finds it hard to get angry and pushes these feelings down for fear of how others will respond. It is not uncommon for all of this unexpressed rage to blow-up suddenly one day, and the individual flies into a fit of rage. The person may be scared to face competition or they put themselves into areas where they will be tested on their strength, and sometimes take competing a touch too seriously.

Mars in aspect to Saturn can sometimes be a marker for physical or sexual abuse from a young age, and in most cases it has been the father. One young girl with this aspect had a violent father that killed the whole family in a house fire.

There is usually something in childhood that the individual may need to revisit and try to heal whatever made them feel inferior, frightened and scared to express their own anger. Perhaps they lose their temper a lot and try to dominate others because they were brought up with a strict parent who lost their temper. The individual may have just simply had a restrictive childhood, and have developed a strong authority complex. Astrologer Charles Carter says that there may be physical suffering with this contact, because it occurs in the charts of several victims of violence and murder victims.

I have seen a great deal of charts that support this interpretation. However, on a larger scale of statistics, how many people are faced with such a severe outcomes?

The aspect can also mean difficult skin conditions, burns, and physical accidents. All of this can be frightening to read on paper, but it must always be remembered that there are many ways an aspect can manifest itself and the greatest lessons of Mars-Saturn aspects are usually to do with learning how to assert their will more effectively in the world without overdoing it and all be too frightened to exert the will.

Life can be littered with emotional and physical tests of strength and a strong sense of duty that overrides their own personal wants.

A lot of resentment can build up when they are constantly thwarted, rejected and always running into brick walls.

Mars-Saturn Aspects

The individual has to work on a sense of being deserving, without hesitating too long, and feeling insecure about their ability. Apply patience, the ability to work hard and long and they will make it.

They can alternate between lots of activity to lacking in any strength and being plagued by fear and anxiety to complete their goals. Astrologer Liz Greene says that there can be an exaggerated portrayal of maleness compensating for feelings of inferiority with other men and women.

The challenge here is to learn about the right kind of self assertion even if they have had poor role models in the past. They can learn to use this energy constructively and achieve their long desired goals and let the insecurity and scared feeling inside drive them towards what they want. Face the hurdles with inner strength and show courage even when they feel they are the last person that could do it. Related posts:.What we should be doing here, the waxing and waning energy of life itself can be seen in the Sun and Moon and their interactions with each other.

Human aspiration is always linked to them, as well as to fire and speech. The nature of Dharma is also that of fire. It governs the Ascendant — the beginning of life. Dharma is always present, but becomes more powerful as we understand how our true nature shows a purpose for being here and receiving this light in its various forms. Planet Jupiter is associated with Dharma because its purpose is to remove the darkness and bring the light of truth and knowledge. It knows how to teach, being the divine teacher, the guru.

It rules over abundance as well as spiritual matters and religious ideology. Though it brings truth, tolerance and forgiveness, if it is weak or afflicted it may symbolize a truth-seeker who is an ideologue, a religious fanatic, or any person who bends the truth to suit his or her needs.

When Jupiter is weak or afflicted, both the individual and the collective Dharma are temporarily affected. The astrological birth chart gives a snapshot of when consciousness enters matter. This moment is defined as when prana the breath enters the body. Being the primal life force, prana is vital for life, and even has a unit of time assigned to it.

At the moment prana enters the body, not only is the individual Dharma defined, but the Law of Karma begins to operate. Without physical manifestation, it cannot operate. So the birth moment, as described in the heavens, is the key to the dharmic and karmic destiny. Saturn is Kalathe time clock, ruling over time, death, and reality. If Jupiter elevates us to pursue higher knowledge, and keeps us gazing towards the heavens, Saturn keeps our focus on the requirements of our karmic destiny, namely reaping the consequences of our actions, or thoughts or words.

Saturn also rules over the Truth, especially in terms of physical reality. Also, we have a time limit. Saturn always reminds us of our mortality and of the finiteness of Time itself.S aturn is the planet of order, organization, ambition, caution, discipline, and hard work.

It limits and restricts or tries to any other planet which it aspects. Saturn Aspecting the Sun: The harmonious aspects simply incline the person with them to be practical, conservative, and orderly. When Saturn makes harmonious aspects, it seems to give benefits grudgingly, and these only have to do with stabilizing things shown by the planet it is aspecting.

Saturn Aspecting the Moon: Can give a mother who is efficient, but a little distant emotionally. This is especially true of the stress aspects. As is always the case with Saturn, the good effect of these aspects is to make you work hard and prepare for the worst, which, you are sure, is just around the corner.

Lighten up already! Saturn Aspecting Mercury : Can give a serious mind, usually much too serious. You may sometimes appear mentally "slow" but that is not due to lack of intelligence.

It is because you are cautious and fearful of making a mistake. All Mercury-Saturn contacts deepen the mind. There is little patience for small talk, so if you have this combination, you may appear anti-social. The stressful aspects tend towards brooding and depression. The cure is like for most Saturn stress aspects is to keep busy doing something useful. Saturn Aspecting Venus : When stressful, is another of the so-called "hypoglycemic aspects", the others being Venus stressfully aspected to either Uranus or Pluto.

This one also causes a tendency for the blood sugar level to fall. Get it checked by a doctor. People with stress aspects between Venus and Saturn fall into two distinct types. The other type becomes successful beyond their wildest dreams, but has difficulty enjoying it because they are too busy.

saturn mars mutual aspect astrology

Bill Gates has Venus and Saturn in conjunction in Scorpio, sign of extremes, which makes him even more driven. Oprah Winfrey has the square between these two. In her case, Venus is sitting close to the Sun, which gives her charm. But make no mistake about it. Saturn, planet of efficiency and organization squares both of them and it is the one calling the tune here.This can be a humdinger of a transit for some of us. Most of us will respond somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

This is a good time to work hard on tasks that only you can do, especially projects that require attention to detail, concentration and organization. We may find that our sex drive is diminished, but only temporarily. Mars conjunct Saturn in the Natal Chart. Mars conjunct Saturn in the Compatibility Chart.

Mars conjunct Saturn in the Transit Chart. Mars conjunct Saturn in the Composite Chart. Mars conjunct Saturn in the Solar Return Chart. This is an outstanding period in which we can accomplish a great deal of hard work. We act responsibly and display organization and efficiency, with a keen attention to detail. Nothing escapes our attention, nothing is overlooked, and our timing is excellent. Focused, practical and careful about our energy expenditure, we plan our days well and execute everything on our to-do list, in the time frame allotted.

At the end of the week, we give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Even if the rewards and consequences are not immediately obvious, we understand and accept that good work today gives positive results later. In the midst of all this work, we have to remind ourselves to keep up our exercise routine. Mars sextile Saturn in the Natal Chart.

Mars sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart. Mars sextile Saturn in the Transit Chart. Mars sextile Saturn in the Composite Chart. Mars sextile Saturn in the Solar Return Chart. This can be a highly frustrating two-week period when we feel too easily repressed, blocked and inhibited. Circumstances, events and other people seem to seem to unite or even conspire against us. Feelings of rage and impotence quickly turn into bitter cynicism.

saturn mars mutual aspect astrology

Any sort of authority figure annoys us now, too, even when they're right -- no, especially when they're right. This whole scene can get very tiring very fast, and we may feel like giving up and going home in defeat. Mars square Saturn in the Natal Chart. Mars square Saturn in the Compatibility Chart. Mars square Saturn in the Transit Chart. Mars square Saturn in the Composite Chart.

Mars square Saturn in the Solar Return Chart. All the necessary components flow together now, creating the right circumstances for an industrious period when many long-term projects are planned, launched and developed. We're in the right place at the right time to take advantage of all available know-how.T his is the conjunction of natural 1st,8th lord with 10th,11th lord which is all related to Karma and rise accordingly.

Saturn and Mars are inimical to each other, cause from above list we can see there is nothing common between them to have any friendship. When these two are in one sign then clashes are bound to happen and actual result will depend on Sigh house and aspect on them. First of all these people are very ambitious and feels that they were born to do something big in life as well for society, to bring change in society etc. But then Saturn doesnt make it happen so easily and from there starts the frustration,Bottom line is this conjunction gives frustration.

Such nature brings trouble in domestic happiness as 4th denotes domestic environment. In female chart such conjunction in 4th house will give lack of domestic happiness also can give violence in marriage. If either lord of Saturn or Mars is Ascendant lord or the lord of 10th then profession can be related to Property,Fitness trainer,Boxer,Surgeon,having business related to Furnace, Boiler, surgical instrument.

Saturn and Mars conjunction in 6th house gives trouble in from legal issues. Better not to take Loan if u r not too much sure of repaying on time. Most of the people with such conjunction doesnt know what to do in life and whats actually bothering them;upto certain age, they are clueless about their burning inside.

Saturn and Mars conjunction or mutual aspect cause damage, fractures, bleeding injuries, accident, disaster, inferno after all one is the lord of natural 8th house here thats Mars. Saturn and Mars together can give skin disease on and off in life and make the person feeling lack of confidence due to bad out look.

saturn mars mutual aspect astrology

The Remedy for Saturn and Mars I already wrote separately last month one should follow all those for at least 6 months. Things are bound to get changed. Saturn — Mars Conjunction in Vedic Astrology. Saturn — Moon Conjunction in Vedic Astrology. Saturn — Mercury Conjunction in Vedic Astrology.Mars conjunct Saturn You hold yourself back in life and though you are kind and very patient with others, your timing can be poor and it stops you from getting what you think you want in life.

You are always trying to reform your desires and when you assert a want, a fear surfaces simultaneously. You give up many times, just when the world would have given you what you were asking for. You will think about a project and start it one minute too late to accomplish it. The difficulty with this aspect of your character is very slow to change. When it does change it is because you overcome your fears and your unbalancing desires.

To the degree that this is accomplished you will achieve security in life.

Jupiter & Saturn: Planets of Dharma & Karma

You should get strenuous physical exercise at least three times a week in order to have your energy work evenly and to be in good health.

Hard work, persistent effort, and concentration upon a single objective are the ways you achieve your aims in life. You exercise great self-control, even self-denial, in order to accomplish what you desire. You meet obstacles stoically and will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Often you hold yourself back, doubting your own power and ability.

You may feel that you meet great resistance whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative, and that is very frustrating to you. However, you have the power of endurance and a dogged determination to overcome all obstacles. Generally you feel that endings and beginnings are the pits. When you see the end coming you resist, and when you feel some new idea about to take hold, you resist. Your life of resistance prevents you from the rate of progress you deserve, and you need to lighten up.

You are a perfectionist. You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match some unspecified standard. What you want is to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground to stand on. The real trick in life for you is to keep moving. This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a project after forethought or planning; your judgments tend to be colored by your fears or your momentary desires.

You work very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable. But, you could end up working very hard for no gain.

This is avoidable through balancing your drives with your responsibilities. You find that you have better health and much freer energy if you get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week. You are capable of great self-control and self-denial and can be a hard task master, expecting far too much of yourself.

You also tend to hold yourself back, to doubt your own power and ability. You feel that you meet with great resistance whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative. Anger and frustration can be big problems for you, especially when you try to work with other people or depend too much on others for support.

You work best in solitude. Your involvement with other people often focuses on the harshest side of human experience. You become aware of destructive energies around you and learn to overcome these difficulties.

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